55th Anniversary Service—Favourite Hymn Poll

On October 18, we will celebrate our 55th Anniversary. The sending hymn that day will be the congregation’s favourite hymn, as selected by you!

Voting is open to anyone who has worshipped with us at Good Shepherd. (If you are a visitor to our website, but haven’t attended our church, we’d love to hear from you—in the comments section below or by email—but please don’t vote in this poll.)

You may vote for up to three different hymns, but please vote only one time.

Update: Our poll is now closed, and the votes will be tallied. A big thank-you to all who participated! Please join us this Sunday, October 18, to celebrate our 55th Anniversary and sing your favourite hymn!

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1 Response to 55th Anniversary Service—Favourite Hymn Poll

  1. Alan and Donata Startin says:

    this may look like 2 votes from the same email, but Alan and I each voted. Donata

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