Fifteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time – Annual Picnic!

This service will unfortunately not be live-streamed as it is taking place outdoors.

This Sunday we have a great celebration planned. It will be our annual outdoor service and picnic to celebrate the end of VBS week. And this year we’ll be joined by our friends from St. Laurence Anglican who we’ve been doing VBS with all week. We will gather at 10:30 am for our service outdoors on our side lawn.

Please bring a lawn chair for yourself and an extra one for those who may not have one. And also we are asking you to bring a salad, side dish, or dessert for the potluck lunch. Our youth will be grilling hotdogs.

To be a good disciple is to be a good farmer. At least thats how it seems sometimes listening to Jesus’ teachings. Then again, what Jesus considers a “good farmer” in our parable this morning would leave any real farmer scratching their head in disbelief. But maybe there’s a method in Christ’s madness after all…somewhere.

The bulletin for the service can be downloaded here at a later time.

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