The ministry of Good Shepherd belongs to everyone who gathers in our community. That ministry is led and guided by an elected council of up to 12 members who also lead our six ministry teams: Worship, Property, Stewardship, Fellowship, Outreach, and Education.

Let us introduce to you the current members of our church council:

  • Dennis Friesen – Chair, Stewardship Team
  • Mogens Hansen – Vice-Chair, Worship Team, Google Drive Manager
  • Rob Karhukangas – Secretary, Education Team
  • Marjun Blishen – Fellowship Team
  • Rick Enarson – Outreach Team
  • Solomon Samuel – Education Team
  • Peter Schuler – Worship Team
  • David Stroud – Property Team
  • Gail Tremain – Outreach Team
  • Jane Whitter – Property Team