This Week at Church

Week of October 20

(You can read all of our announcements here.)

Sunday – Communion Meditation at 8:45 pm
Bible Study a 9 am
Praise Appeal Service and Sunday School at 10 am
Youth Lunch at St. Laurence at 12:30 pm
Movie Night followed by potluck dinner at Peter Schuler’s home

Tuesday – Good Shepherd Women’s AGM at 10 am
Woodworking and Crafters group at 7 pm

Wednesday– Book Club at Kate Wright’s home at 7:15 pm

Thursday– Pathways to Prayer at 1 pm

Friday – Young Adults Corn Maze at 6 pm

Next Sunday – Bible Study at 9 am
Reformation Sunday Worship Service with Confirmation and Holy Communion 10 am
Youth Trick ‘R’ Treating and Bible Study at 4:30 pm