Youth Group and Young Adults

Our youth group gathers for regular events that focus on fun, friendship, faith and service and includes those from grades 6 to 12. Our gatherings include scavenger hunts, games nights, visits to the corn maze, “Where’s Waldo?” hunts, movie nights, traveling dinners, bowling, theatre productions, and more. We also hold a monthly Bible Study & Pizza Supper.

Upcoming Events – Youth

In the interest of establishing some more stability as a youth community in these unsettling times, we will have a regular weekly online gathering, every Sunday at 7pm.

Think of it as an online living room; Jason and at least 1-2 other adult leaders will be there to host the space, and it’ll mainly be a chance for us to hang out on a more regular basis, as well as an opportunity to check in with each other. We might play games, or have a discussion, or watch a film – but we can figure that out as we go. Then on the last Sunday of the month, we’ll continue having our more focused Bible study time, as we normally do.

Upcoming Events – Young Adults


National Youth Gathering

Next Gathering: August 19-22, 2021 — Online Virtual Gathering

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Every two years our parent church, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada (ELCIC) organizes a national gathering of youth from across Canada which our youth eagerly anticipate and attend. From time to time they also assist with our Sunday worship services, leading us in song, presenting a skit or a message, and creatively taking over other parts of the service.